KYOS TransFORM™: The Next Generation Answer to Why You Scan

With ever increasing requirements for distributed on-demand information, it makes sense to scan your forms and documents. Multiple people in multiple workflows need access to information that resides on the page. So it makes sense to scan once and use many times. But how about scan once, use many times, in many ways? KYOS understands that managing documents is important, but their real value is in the data they contain. And the value of any management system lies in its ability to deliver that data. After all, effective workflow is powered by getting and using the right data at the right place at the right time in the right context.

Great services at exceptional prices
KYOS Systems Services allows you to concentrate on your core operations while leaving the paper data extraction to us. We are consistently optimizing our proprietary extraction software and processes, which means we can achieve very high accuracies and throughput. Your data is always contained within our computer systems at KYOS. Security is paramount at KYOS and we never off-shore any part of our processes.

Our industry leading solution, KYOS TransFORM™ delivers:
  • Reduced scanning costs
  • Much higher ROI on data conversion efforts
  • Much faster search
  • More productive workflows
  • Unprecedented business intelligence capabilities
Optimizing form and document data dependent workflows is what we do with our technology. We help you build an intelligent archive and archiving strategy; from scanning to storage to search, to sharing, KYOS provides the solution. Whether we bring in our partners who are experts in helping you outsource your scanning, or we help you to build and optimize internal efforts, KYOS provides award winning technology and expertise to maximize the value of your investment in scanning.

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