KYOS TransFORM™: How to Buy

KYOS TransFORM™ is a secure web services platform available by subscription to end users and to KYOS Systems partners.

The KYOS Systems Process


KYOS Systems rigorously assesses your document conversion needs and your document data priorities to formulate a detailed proposal outlining: Once we have completed a detailed proposal, we work with sample data to get you up and running.


Implementation takes just a few hours. There is no configuration required on your end and no disruption to your work.

We conduct training, which typically takes just a few minutes, at your site and you are ready to go.


KYOS Systems technical support is available 24/7/365. We are always available to you to answer any questions or concerns.


We are committed to providing 24/7/365 uptime via our datacenter, or can, at your request, contract out datacenter management.


Pricing depends on your needs and configuration, but is typically competitive with offshore approaches.

For pricing and for more information on how KYOS Systems can meet your document data management needs, contact us.