KYOS Systems Inc., founded in 2004, is revolutionizing digital archiving of documents. KYOS believes that the value of scanning and archiving is directly proportional to the accessiblity of data within the forms and documents being stored.

The KYOS Perspective

KYOS views forms and documents as temporary containers for the crucial data that drives decision-making and organizations. Freeing the data from the page provides unprecedented, powerful business intelligence about markets, clients and operations. Using our unique data capture and intelligent semantic XML-driven data tagging platform, our document data management (DDM) platform, KYOS TransFORM™, frees the data
from the page.

Fully Searchable Relational Databases from Paper

KYOS's proprietary recognition technology converts each paper or electronic page into a relational database. We elevate archiving from the simple storage of static, page-bound documents to create dynamic, fullly searchable document data that can accessed, aggregated, computed and redeployed into any workflow or enterprise software system.

What Can KYOS Do for You?

KYOS works with clients to build and optimize data-driven workflows that:

KYOS's Research Focus

KYOS is powering workflow automation and machine to machine communication, extracting data from documents to flow into workflows, ECM and ERP applications, and other analytical tools.