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KYOS Systems Inc.'s powerful document and data management platform, KYOS TransFORM™ converts any paper or PDF form into a fully searchable database. We describe this process as "thoughtflow capture." KYOS TransFORM™, a recipient of a 2006 Best of FOSE Award, frees data from forms and documents, to create completely searchable, securely sharable, and computable knowledge. Whether the original is machine text, handwriting, diagrams, checkboxes, annotations, or stamps, all can be extracted, stored, shared, and visualized with downstream applications and work processes.

KYOS TransFORM™ makes document imaging, management, and forms processing much more efficient and powerful. Our automated straight-through processing decreases manual labor costs, increases system performance and accuracy, and most importantly, creates powerful, new, and untapped sources of business intelligence and auditing capability.

Data, once freed, can be analyzed, aggregated, ported into other applications, and securely shared via field-specific security and business rules. Enhanced decision-making via greater data availability and visibility, horizontal mining for pattern and trend detection, and secure data sharing and visualization, all possible with KYOS TransFORM™, increase the value and extensibility of your form and document-based data while decreasing processing and handling costs. Our novel algorithms offer unprecedented accuracy in form recognition, OCR, OMR and advanced ICR. KYOS TransFORM™ technology achieves increased processing speeds and greater accuracy while providing vastly enhanced business intelligence and knowledge management.

Company History

KYOS Systems Inc. was founded in 2004 to create a unified platform to capture keystroke, pen, and scan data and to allow users to access, visualize, and analyze data from any source. We specialize in workflow and thoughtflow analyses via intuitive interfaces that help our clients maximize the value of their forms- and documents-based data. Winner of Phase 1 and Phase 2 Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) awards from the Department of Defense (DoD), we are currently working with the DoD to apply our technology to make medical records completely searchable and analyzable, providing better decision support at the point of care, deep data mining capabilities, and the ability to port key data elements into other visualization and computing applications.

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KYOS Systems Inc. is located in Burlington, MA, just off Route 128, 15 minutes north of Boston.

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